It can be frustrating every time you try to deal with an Estate Agent, it seems that they all offer a terrible service to their customers.

Very recently I was trying to get some information about a property I was interested in, a lovely farm house with a bit of land, in pretty poor condition (the type of property I love).

So I called the Local Prominent Norfolk Estate Agent to find out a few more details, firstly it was on for “offers over” which is always really frustrating because it means nothing and I’m already in danger of wasting my time.

Why put property on for “offers over” if you’ve valued it and are confident of your valuations, which you should be if it’s your career and have access to what similar properties go for in the area, what I mean by this is

It’s Not Rocket Science

Secondly they will of said to the vendor (Estate agent speak for the seller of the property)

“well I think it will achieve around this much so we should put it on for offer over £x and accept offers in the range of £y”

They’ve already “put a figure to it” so why not stop wasting everyone’s time and put the actual price buyers can buy the property for on the advert?

Then the buyer knows if they can afford it or not, based upon their situation and mortgage ability (if they already know this, which you should if you want to be in a position to actually buy, but more on this later).

The conversation continued, this property has been on the market for over 18 months so I wanted to know why?

Is there a problem with the property making it “un-mortgageable”?

Have there been sales that have fallen through? if so for what reasons?

It Was All Smoke and Mirrors

After a bit more digging it turns out there haven’t really been any firm sales, most “buyers” the agent had put forward hadn’t got a mortgage in place before offering so in all likelihood weren’t eligible in the first place, so probably shouldn’t of been put forward by the agent.

Anyway none of the “buyers” had got to the point of instructing surveyors so this didn’t help me much.

I can’t understand this, the agent has put buyers forward to the sellers of the property and accepted offers without knowing if the potential buyers are in a position to actually buy.

They haven’t spoken to a mortgage broker and they don’t have an “offer in principle”

Without knowing this they are basically “hoping” that the buyers will be able to proceed.

This is going to add to the stress of the seller and can be avoided by the Estate Agent having some care and a little forethought.

During the conversation with the agent or assistant not once did they ask my name or take my details – not once, so they have no way of following up with me.

If I was the seller after 18 months of pretty much nothing I would be asking questions about whether I had the right agent and if they really wanted to see this property sold.

Unfortunately this is a pretty typical response from agents when I speak to them about properties on their books, it’s really difficult trying to get the information out of them that you need in order to proceed or let one of my buyers proceed, which is why most of the time I’m forced to bypass the agent and contact the buyer direct.

Which often doesn’t go down too well with the agent but if they where better at their job “selling houses” I wouldn’t be forced down this route.

If you’re in the process of choosing an estate agent to market your property be very careful who you put your trust in.

The wrong one can cost you a sale, months of your time and tens of thousands £

We are trying to change all of this, one step at a time, if you’re looking for a property to buy or even have one to sell contact us

We’ll get in touch and see if and how we can help you get the outcome you want.